ErVaccine Technologies, a preclinical-stage biotechnology company, today announces the publication of a new paper in European Journal of Cancer journal: ‘Tumor burden and antigen-specific T cell magnitude represent major parameters for clinical response to cancer vaccine and TCR-engineered T cell therapy’ demonstrating that therapeutic vaccines should be considered in the context of low or moderate tumour burden, whereas TCR-engineered T cell strategies may be more adapted for the treatment of advanced / metastatic diseases.

ErVaccine evaluated the relationship between tumour burden, number of effector T cells and clinical outcome after vaccine and adoptive T cell therapy by performing a meta-analysis of previously published and available clinical data and applying a mathematical model for tumour immune dynamics. ErVaccine envisions that a vaccine approach in combination with TCR-engineered T cells may not only stimulate the latter but also prime endogenous T cells to collaborate with transferred T cells, a major breakthrough in cancer treatment!

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